Branding & eCommerce

We assisted a large manufacturing business with a re-branding, marketing re-launch, and a custom eCommerce website solution. Every element of this decades-old organization was re-thought and redeveloped from the logo and mission statement, to the truck graphics and purpose-built website.


Re-brand and create custom eCommerce Solution

This manufacturing client was looking to refocus their brand to take on new markets and attract new customers.

Our team's initial goal was to work with the business principals to determine their brand focus and markets going forward. Our second objective was to create a customized eCommerce website that reflected their refined and unique sales process.

Increased web traffic and orders were important performance results, but the brand re-launch was also designed to engage the company as a whole and drive changes within the organization and process.

Planning & Process

Research, Design, and Development.

We started engaging the company principals with branding exercises, mood boards, and deep dives into the business process of the existing brand. We expanded our research to internal user groups within the company for more detail and use cases.

We would ultimately plan out the project into a branding phase, marketing phase, and dynamic web development phase that allowed us to release iterative successes along a 2-3 year engagement.

I lead our design, marketing and development teams to plan and execute the projects and phase deliverables.


Website, Graphic Asset, Guide Deployment

We worked to define the brand with a comprehensive brand guide. This included new color schemes, logos, brand language and brand imagery.

We worked with the company to implement these changes at every aspect of their business from signage, truck graphics, and a marketing website.

Finally, we developed a dynamic website that allowed for visual customization of the products and multiple avenues to begin a sales process. Immense amounts of data was managed with hundreds or products and thousands of combination options.

The business reported significantly increased sales, and brand interest as a result of this effort.

BEfore & After

My Roles In This Project

Client Manager

UI/UX Designer

Project Manager

Brand Consultant

Business Analyst

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