App Platform for Parks & Rec

A SaaS product that enables parks and recreation industry organizations to offer their community a customized app for improved engagement while retaining content control and security.


Create SaaS product for Parks & Rec Industry

Thanks to long-term relationships in the industry, we found a need that parks & recreation organizations had to extend their marketing to a younger and more tech-centered audiance. Encouraging younger community members to make use of and therefore value their community agency's offerings was a key goal for many in the market.

Our business goal was to create a product that could meet the market's needs with significant value and resell-ability with a minimal marketing spend by the company. We wanted to ensure a "self-service" and rapid delivery model was possible as we began scaling up the project and producing larger amounts of apps.

As the project began to succeed, we developed a longer term road map that could expand the opportunities in other markets.

Planning & Process

Research, Design, Development, Marketing

We performed market research with stakeholders, developed market data and user studies before diving into our first phase of design.

A core set of requirements was developed for functionality, design, and technology. A project plan was defined with teams assigned to each deliverable that would eventually result in our MVP candidate release.

After initial design and planning stages, I stepped into the product owner role and project manager role to coordinate our extremely lean teams worked in an Agile development process. I created wireframes, prototypes, and graphic assets as early stage development began, then guided the product through its development, testing, and deployment.

As the projects lead in all respects, I developed a Central Parks marketing plan and began defining our long-term road map.

Apps, Websites, Marketing

My Roles In This Project

Product Owner

UI/UX Designer

Project Manager

Marketing/Sales Lead

Business Analyst

Creative Director

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